"You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger then your faith."  ~Mary Manin Morrissey


River Rise, LLC offers education, training, and counseling services to empower & implement a change in a person's behavior and way of thinking. My methods of treatment are unorthodox, as services are provided through in-office visits, mobile/home visitation, telephone consultation & televideo/virtual sessions.

  • Mobile Services: River Rise, LLC offers mobile services, either through central meeting locations (outside of the office, including but not limited to Walk-and-Talk therapy) and home visitations. It is understood that some clients may be reluctant and/or physically unable to leave their homes due to a variety of reasons. I am able to provide a holistic approach to total wellness in a non-traditional setting.
    • ​Walk-and-Talk therapy often referred to as hiking therapy, takes sessions outdoors to public parks or nearby walking trails. This alternative provides a new approach by combining the benefits of nature (fresh air, change of scenery) and exercise/movement into the therapy sessions. The client must be medically cleared by a primary care physician prior to approval and complete the related consent agreement. 

  • Telephone consultation: Telephone consultation is available for established clientele. The client should always secure a private location where the session cannot be overheard or interrupted.

  • Televideo/virtual session: Online consultation is available for established clientele. Services will be held through Simple Practice or Psychology Today televideo platforms. Following approval of televideo/virtual care and completion of the related consent agreement, clients will be provided with direct links for scheduled sessions via email. This method of service is subject to delays and outages based upon internet providers. Interested clients must be advised that River Rise, LLC cannot guarantee complete confidentiality. The client should always secure a  private location where the session cannot be overheard or interrupted.